My First Blog Post!!

First of all, Welcome to my blog. 

There are many personal websites but this one is mine and I am really excited that it's online and I finally have a virtual home. Frankly speaking, I have never written a blog post or an article and this is my first! In course of learning, I have learned and benefited from so many blogs and articles of awesome developers  and now with a little experience and lot of passion this is my effort to help other and will be much exited to help and share as I will learn.  

We are living in a astounding century of computer science and technology, where we hold to power to change the world and nothing gets better than this. As the famous saying according to Silicon Valley goes : 

We are making the world a better Place..:-P

It's amazing to see the effect of what we build in few nights on others. 

Focusing on my blog, it will have my views and experience regarding technology, programming and will largely draw from what I am learning and hacking into. You will probably hear a lot about Python and javascript as I mostly spend time with them. Code snippets like this 

class LoginHandler(BaseHandler):
  def get(self):
  def post(self):
    username = self.request.get('username')
    password = self.request.get('password')
      u = self.auth.get_user_by_password(username, password,  remember=True,
      v = self.user_model.get_by_auth_id(username)
      if v.verified is False:
        message = 'Email ID not veridfied, Please contact admin'
    except (InvalidAuthIdError, InvalidPasswordError) as e:'Login failed for user %s because of %s', username, type(e))
      message = 'Invalid password'
      self._serve_page( message,True)

will be common on posts. Topics will mostly focus on algorithms and web development. Leaving these boring stuff, stay tuned for my posts! Till then follow me on Twitter @CoderVikash. Feel free to contact me to give me suggestions on my projects, offers or for just a chat at * *Will come up soon with something worth reading and hacking.

Thank you!